Top Ten tips for the Perfect Orgasm

Remember prolonging your Ejaculation time to get orgasm requires some imagination and effort from both the partners. If you are able to hold a little extra there are good chances of achieving that perfect orgasm.

1. Indulge in foreplay- spend three times the time in foreplay that you spend on actual intercourse.

2. Don't rush, be relaxed in bed, if your heart is surging - lie back and slow down for a minute or two.

3. Foreplay means kissing, massaging and stroking different parts of the body. Both partners should participate and first do it to each other and then do it simultaneously.

4. Enter vagina only when your partner is fully wet and ready for you.

5. Playing with nipples and gentle sucking on the nipples and breasts can often make the vagina wet and ready for intercourse.

6. Oral sex can stimulate a woman's genitalia too and get her be ready for the man.

7. Experiment with different positions.

8. After entering vagina stroke slowly. Rub the head of the organ against the clitoris a few times to excite your partner further.

9. If you think you are ready to 'come' slow down for a few seconds. Be still. Change your position if necessary.

10. Invite your partner to get on top and do the stroking part for sometime and once she tires out mount her again.

Our message for you is to experiment and find out what is best for you and your partner. Research indicates that the best sexual intercourse lasts between 7 and 13 minutes. The more time you spend in foreplay the higher the chances of getting the perfect orgasm.

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