Female Erogenous Zones

Orgasm is due to stimulation of at least one of the three erogenous zones in a female - clitoris, Vagina or the G-spot

Orgasm is the culmination of the stages of excitement during sex. But before delving into the female orgasmic experience, let us understand her erogenous zones.

Women have many erogenous zones among which the vagina and clitoris are supreme.

The clitoris is the hard, round ‘button’ at the top of the vulva. The clitoral structure surrounding and extending into the vagina contains erectile tissue similar to the glans of the male penis. The clitoris itself is densely packed with nerve endings, promoting the main function of the clitoris -to enable physical pleasure. The region above the clitoris and the area to the side of the clitoris, are very sensitive to touch; perhaps this is why many women rate orgasms emanating from the clitoris as the most intense type of orgasm.

The vaginal orgasm, which arises after penetration or intercourse, is more difficult to achieve, as compared to a clitoral one. The vaginal orgasm is thought to emanate from the G-Spot either through penetration or stimulation of the region, though many controversies abound regarding the very existence of the G-Spot. Many women are still searching their G-Spot, while some claim to have their most intense orgasms from this erogenous zone.

What and where is the G-Spot?- The G-Spot, or the Grafenberg Spot, named after the gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg in 1944, is a rough region, about one to two inches inside the vagina, positioned on its front wall. The G-spot swells up during stimulation.

Women in the know of their G-spot consider it an immensely sensitive zone capable of giving them unparalleled and even multiple orgasms. Infact, female ejaculation is said to occur after intense stimulation of the G spot.

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