Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore (May 7, 1861 - 7 August, 1941) (5 April, 1, 68 - X auditory, 1348 bangabda) was a leading Bengali poet, novelist, musician, playwright, painter, chotagalpakara, essayist, actor, singer, and philosopher. Bengali language is considered the greatest literary him. Rabbi Tagore, poet and Nobel is awarded abhidhaya. Two poems of Rabindranath 5, 38 plays, 13 novels and 36 other gadyasankalana articles published in his lifetime or shortly after his death. His total of 95 short stories and songs of 1915, respectively, is included in group galpaguccha and Gitabitan. All of his published and unpublished works one book has been published in 3 volumes of Tagore's works. Nineteen patrasahitya all parts of his correspondence and published in four separate texts. Besides the basic two thousand pictures. Tagore's works have been translated into various languages ​​of the world. Offertory poems in English translation in 1913, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Rabindranath Tagore was born into a wealthy and cultured Brahmin family pirali Brahma. Childhood formal schooling, he did not; His education was in the coach house. He began writing poetry at the age of eight. Tattvabodhini magazine in 1874 - in his "intention" is published poem. This was his first published composition. Rabindranath went to England for the first time in 1878 at the age of just seventeen. Mrnalini Devi was married in 1883. Rabindranath Tagore estates since 1890, having lived in East silaidahera. In 1901, he founded brahmacaryasrama Santiniketan, West Bengal and began to settle there permanently. In 190 he was patnibiyoga. Partition of Bengal in 1905 - .1915 involved in the movement against the British government awarded him the title of Knight. But in 1919, in protest of the killing জালিয়ানওয়ালাবাগ He left the title. 1 of 19 in rural Sriniketan a company he founded. Bharati was formally established in 3 of 19. Dirghajibane He traveled over the whole world and preach the Word of bisbabhratrtbera. In 1941, after a long illness he died in Calcutta paternal basabhabanei.
Tagore bhabagabhirata kabyasahityera features, lyricism citrarupamayata, adhyatmacetana, aitihyapriti, prakrtiprema, philanthropy, patriotism, philanthropy, romantic beauty, expression, language, rhythm and spectacular diversity, and pragaticetana bastabacetana. Tagore's poetic gadyabhasao. India's classical and folk culture and Western bijnanacetana and silpadarsana had a profound influence on his writings. Through fiction and essays, society, politics and their views about politics did. Social service for the poor as a way to educate the rural and village had lobbied for. As well as social discrimination, untouchability, religious bigotry and fanaticism had protested against. Tagore darsanacetanaya of God as a human sansarakei been fixed; Rabindranath debabigrahera worship God instead of the staff spoke of the people. Music and nrtyake He felt that education is an essential ingredient. One of his best works of Tagore songs. I have written him a golden Bengali and janaganamana - Republic of Bangladesh and the Indian captain to win the O ganaduti respectively, the national anthem of the Republic.

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