10 Benefits of marriage

Benefits of marriage- Lifestyle Desk :-  Almost every human life is more or less the desire to marry. Many had married a long time to emotionally struck. But I think the extra trouble to get married. Better than the other ways of natural amenities. Actually been married in good or bad or whether it is a difficult task, but researchers say a conflict between the public, it is better to get married. . Benefits of marriage..

 (1) There are many benefits of marriage. Seen in many countries in the western world with girlfriend without getting married are living below the roof and the child's. However, the researchers did not marry is not in favor of spending the night with a girlfriend. They say that marriage is not the case, it is better to live Family way. It is easy to make people the peace of mind that comes and children.

(2). Be aware that the health of both women and men after marriage. Regular exercise and take care of both the body 

(3). Married couple have sex free from various diseases. Different types of sexual disorders are not likely eidasasaha .

(4). Wedding after husband - wife are always a delight. They also get a lot of fun without having sex, and physical are many healthy .

(5). Recently, a study has shown, there is no attraction towards married couples alcohol. Because they are mentally ill rarely .

(6). Married men and women to earn more money and spend accordingly. Moreover, acceptance of them is a different kind of society, .

(7). Easy wayi married couples to nurture children - can play. Others say they support each other in everything less trouble to read them.

(8). Moreover, values ​​of life changed after marriage.  

(9). They are attracted to the quality of life than ever before. Wedding to life Both the men and women to find a partner. All things to share happiness with his sad .

(10).  Moreover Bridal mentally a lot of people's lives in peace. So they got rid of the disease.

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