How To Apply Dark Eye Makeup on Asian Eyes

I have always wanted to know how to apply dark makeup without closing up the eyes like stars in Hong Kong. Will you be able to tell me how to create an evening look, like how Kathy Chow has it please?

Smoky dark eye makeup can add a hint of mystery to your peepers and drive them boys crazy. But unlike Caucasians, us Asians often do not have deep-set eyes to pull off the look. So how can we wear dark eye makeup without making the eyes look smaller? Check out these tips below:

* Pick the right color. If you look at pictures of Chinese celebrities, they seldom use black all over the eyelid. Instead, try something a little softer like deep navys, plums, emeralds, coppers or charcoals. These colors will make dark brown eyes pop without looking too harsh. If you insist on using black, make sure you keep the color close to your lashline and crease.

* Opt for eyeshadows in shimmery and metallic formulas over matte ones to help add extra sparkles to your eyes.

* Always highlight the inner corner and brow bone with a lighter color to open up the eyes.

* Make sure you blend and blend the edges. Slapping on a really dark color without blending will only make you look like The Grudge – SCARY!

* Avoid lining your waterline with a dark color if you have small eyes. It will make them look even smaller. Instead, apply extra coats of mascara on your lower lashes and use a charcoal color to line if necessary.

* Never forget to apply false lashes when you are working with really dark colors. It will help make your eyes look a lot bigger and balance the whole look. Some of my favorite brands are Ardell, MAC, Shisem and generic Taiwanese brands.

* Skip brow powder and brush a tinted brow gel on your eyebrows to keep them neat and understated. You will never see Chinese celebs with dark eyebrows and dark eye makeup.

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